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Nov 5, 2003
Puppies 4 1/2 Weeks Old

The puppies are now 4 1/2 weeks old and eating puppy food well.  3 of them are already sold, and will be going to their new homes before Thanksgiving.

Posted at 02:52 pm by kathyinbama
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Oct 17, 2003
2 Weeks Old

Cricket's puppies are 2 weeks old today.  Their eyes are open (almost!) and they are growing fast.  Cricket is as healthy as she's ever been, fully recovered from the parvo virus.  The puppies are showing no sign of any health problems.  Today, they get their first worming and in 1 week, they get their first parvo vaccination.  I already have orders for 3 of the puppies.  I'm sure that there won't be any problem selling the rest of them within the next couple of weeks.  Cricket's last litter were all sold quickly, and if I'd had 10 more females, I could have easily sold them as well.  Here's a picture of one of my favorite puppies in this litter.

Male - 2 weeks old

Posted at 08:05 pm by kathyinbama
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Oct 8, 2003
New Pictures of the Puppies

Puppies at 5 days old

Posted at 10:26 am by kathyinbama
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Oct 7, 2003
Cricket is over the Parvo Virus

Cricket seems to be completely over the parvo virus.  She is having normal "elimination" now.  It's funny how excited I got about that, but it's nice to know that she's going to be fine.  Her puppies are growing and she is being a good mother.

Posted at 05:00 pm by kathyinbama
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Oct 6, 2003
Cricket Survived Parvo

Cricket was energetic this morning when I took her out.  She's had no vomiting since the first day (last Wednesday), but she did have a loose stool again this morning.  She's eating and drinking just as if there was never anything wrong with her.  We're still giving her the antibiotics and the Parvaid.  All 8 puppies are doing great, and Cricket is being a good mother to them.

Posted at 01:04 pm by kathyinbama
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Oct 5, 2003
Puppies are 2 Days Old

We got back in town this afternoon around 3:30 pm.  Zach had given Cricket her Parvaid 2 more times yesterday and last night, but couldn't get her to eat her dog food.  She did gobble up some pizza that he offered her.  Apparently she just didn't want that antibiotic.

I got Zach to help me, and we just put the antibiotic capsule in the back of her mouth and then gave her some Parvaid / Pedialyte solution to wash it down with.  We finally got her to swallow the capsule.  We also got her to eat, and she seemed famished.  She seems to be over the worst of the Parvo virus and the puppies seem to be fine.  In 3 weeks, I'll give them their parvo vaccinations as the vet at Auburn University suggested.

Posted at 05:04 pm by kathyinbama
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Oct 4, 2003
Day after Birth of Puppies

Cricket and the puppies all seem fine.  She still hasn't eaten her dog food (with the antibiotic mixed in it), but she's drinking water.  Zach and I give her another dose of Parvaid, and force her to go outside for a few minutes.  She does her business and comes back in.  She had a small amount of liquid stool, with some formed stool at the end.  I didn't notice any mucous like the first day that she had parvo, and it didn't smell nearly as strong.

My husband and I are going out of town until Sunday afternoon, so Zach will be in charge of taking care of Cricket and the puppies.  I've given him instructions on how to mix the Parvaid with the Pedialyte and how often to give it to her.  I also told him to give her something else to eat, like some chicken soup, and to try to get her antibiotic down her.

Posted at 11:00 am by kathyinbama
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Oct 3, 2003
Whelping Has Begun

6:30 am - I got up this morning to find that Cricket had already had one beautiful puppy.  I gave her some food with her antibiotic mixed in it and she ate it without hesitation.  She also drank some water.  I hate to have to go off to work and leave her, but I'll come home at lunch and check on her.  She's still had no more vomiting since the first day, and no diarrhea overnight.

11:15 am - I came home at lunchtime to check on Cricket and she had had a total of 4 puppies.  Cricket and all 4 of the puppies were doing fine.  She was not interested in eating, but did drink some water.  Back to work for me, but Zach will be home from school around 3:30 pm.

3:40 pm - Zach called to tell me that Cricket had 8 puppies, but that 2 of them were dead.  She had not even broken the sac when they were born, so they never had a chance to survive.  If I had been home, I could have helped her.  I guess the parvo had her in such a weakened condition that she just wasn't up to doing what she should have.  She had her first litter of puppies a year ago, and she did great and needed no help from anyone.

4:20 pm - I'm finally home from work.  Zach didn't tell me, but  2 of the puppies that she had had since I came home during lunchtime still had the placentas attached.  Those 2 puppies were doing fine, so I cut their cords.  It seems like she's also had another puppy since I talked to Zach at 3:40pm.  That's a total of 9, with 7 living and apparently healthy.

5:15 pm - Cricket has puppy #10, and she breaks the sac with no problem.  She didn't chew through the cord, so I took care of that one as well.  I think that this will be her last one - I hope so anyway.  They're all nursing and seem strong and healthy.

8:00 pm - Cricket seems to be finished whelping.  She's got 8 healthy puppies, and she seems to be doing fine.  She is drinking water, but has not eaten anything.  I think that she's figured out that I mixed her antibiotic in with her dog food and she's not going to eat it.  Everytime I offer it to her, she pushes the bowl away with her nose.  I gave her an initial dose of Parvaid.  I just received it today. 

Posted at 08:30 pm by kathyinbama
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Oct 2, 2003

  • Let me start by telling you that we have 3 dogs.  A female Ladner's Blackmouth Cur named Sassafras.  Sassy is our squirrel dog.  She's the oldest (3 1/2), about 65 pounds and brindle colored.  Jake is almost 3 years old.  He's my redbone.  Then there's Cricket.  She's 2 years old and also a redbone.  The redbones are our coonhounds.  We've had Cricket since she was 8 weeks old.  I got Jake when he was 2.  We got Sassy when she was 7 weeks old.
  • Sassy came in heat during the early summer.  We put her in a pen so that Jake couldn't get to her.  All we needed was a litter of  "mixed" puppies.  I suppose where there is a will, there is a way because they got to each other and 63 days later, Sassy gave birth to 14 puppies.  12 of the puppies were fine, but the last 2 were stillborn.  12 mouths is alot to feed, but she was a good mother.  Once they were almost 4 weeks old, I started supplementing them with canned puppy food.  They loved it.  When the puppies were about 6 1/2 weeks old, I took Sassy out of the pen and the puppies did fine on canned food alone.  Since the puppies were mixed breed, I decided to give them away instead of trying to sell them.  I had given all except 7 of them away by September 20th.
  • September 28th, 2003  It's time to give the remainder of the puppies away and I'm having a difficult time finding homes for all of them.  I decided to do what I've seen others do and take them to Wal-mart, park in a parking space close to the entrance and put a sign on the truck "Free Puppies" and let the tailgate down so people can see how cute they are.  I am lucky enough to give 3 of them away.  Another one that I had left at home was promised to my niece.  That night, one of the ladies that I gave one of the puppies to called to say that the puppy was just laying around and wouldn't eat or drink.  I told her that it was probably just an adjustment phase since it had had it's first truck ride and gone to a different home and was without any of it's brothers or sisters.
  • September 29th, 2003  The same lady who called last night called again this morning to say that she had taken the puppy to the vet and it had been diagnosed with parvo.  In case you don't know it, parvo is an extremely dangerous virus - highly contageous - and is often fatal in young puppies.  She also told me that the vet told her that chances were that all of my puppies were infected.  When I left home this morning, all of the puppies were fine with the exception of the one that I had promised to my niece.  She was just sitting around and wouldn't eat.  This afternoon, I made arrangements to pick up the puppy from the lady who had taken it to the vet.  She said that she couldn't afford the expense of having it treated.  By the time I got home, all of the puppies that I had left were just sitting around.  None of them jumped on the fence when I came out as the alway had before.  I looked in their food pan, and there was all of the food that I had put out this morning.  Usually, the devour it before I can get back inside the house.  I did a little research on parvo since I'd never had a dog with it before, and learned how deadly it can be, and how expensive it can be to treat (between $500 - $800 per dog) with do guarantee of recovery.  I did the only thing that I could do.  I took them to my vet and had them euthanized.  It broke my heart and I left there in tears.  I am also concerned as to how they came in contact with the virus since they've been isolated in the puppy pen their entire lives.  Of even more concern is for my adult dogs (Sassy, Jake and Cricket).  All 3 of them had their booster shots during the 3rd week of December, 2002, but Cricket is due to have her puppies any day now and I'm really worried about her.

  • September 30th, 2003 So far, all 3 adult dogs are showing no signs of parvo infection.  They're energetic, eating well, and I've noticed no vomiting or diarrhea.
  • October 1st, 2003 I went out this morning to turn the 3 dogs loose so that they could run.  Jake and Sassy were their usually excited selves.  Cricket just stayed where she was.  She just didn't look right, and she wouldn't eat the treat that I offered her.  This has never happened before.  I realize that she's close to her due date, but the last time she had puppies, she killed a possum within 24 hours of giving birth.  She never just layed around.  I decided to take her to work with me so that I could keep an eye on her.  She loves to ride in the truck, and loaded up without any problem.  Just as I was pulling into the parking lot, she threw up.  She's never been car sick in her life.  This doesn't look good.  I leave the motor running and run in to tell my co-workers that I'm taking her to the vet and that I'll be back when I can.  At first the vet just thought that she was in the early stages of labor.  I didn't think so, and asked him to do a parvo test on her even though she was up to date on her shots.  Bad news, she's spilling parvo in her stool.  This is a particularly complicated situation with her just now coming down with the virus while going into labor.  What does this mean for the puppies?  The vet didn't know, so he's going to call the viralogist at Auburn University and ask her opinion.  I left her with the vet and he said that he would give me a call once he had spoken with the experts.
    • 10:00am - I found the Parvaid website by searching the internet for information on parvo.  This is an herbal remedy for parvo that, according to the testimonials, seems to help pull alot of dogs through the virus.  I ordered the Parvaid.  Along with the receipt, they included a recipe for a tea concoction that I can give Cricket until the Parvaid arrives.  It sounds like it should be soothing to her GI system.
    • 12:30pm - I spoke with the vet, who had talked with the viralogist at Auburn and with another vet concerning the puppies.  He said that Cricket should already have some antibodies against that she will pass along to the puppies and to be sure that the puppies get the first milk (colostrium).  He said that when the puppies are 3 weeks old, I should give them a parvo-only recumbiant vaccine, and then when they are 6 weeks old, I should give them their regular puppy shots.  He said that Cricket was doing well and that since she wasn't really symptomatic that I could take her home.  He will start her on antibiotics to protect against any secondary  infection.
    • 4:15pm - Picked Cricket up from the vet.  She hasn't eaten anything, but she has been drinking water, which is a good sign.
    • 4:30pm - Cricket had her first episode of diarrhea, and she threw up a little clear / white liquid.
    • 5:30pm - I made the tea concoction and force-fed it to Cricket.  She didn't care for it, probably because of the garlic that it contained.
    • 5:45pm - I gave Cricket her second dose of the tea remedy.  She didn't like it any better than the first, but she has kept both doses down.  After the second dose, she drank some water, which is also a good sign.
    • 6:45pm - My son, Zach, gave Cricket her third dose of the tea remedy.  Still no more vomiting or diarrhea, and she's drinking adequate amounts of water.
    • 11:45pm - I gave Cricket another dose of the tea remedy.  She didn't want to go outside when I tried to get her to go, so I didn't force her.  She's still drinking water.
  • October 2nd, 2003 
    • 6:30am - Cricket seems like she's feeling better this morning.  She's had no vomiting or diarrhea during the night.  I gave her a dose of the tea, and she drank some water.  I gave her a dose of her antibiotics in the tea.
    • 11:15am - I came home for lunch to give Cricket more tea and to let her go outside.  As soon as she heard me come in, she started wagging her tail, although she didn't get up.  She also drank some water.  I waited about 15 minutes and offered her about 1/3 of a can of dog food.  She gobbled it down.  It was good to see her eat something.
    • 4:40pm - Home from work.  I gave Cricket some more of the tea remedy and she drank some water.  I took her outside, and to my disappointment, she had a small amount of greenish liquid stool.  She seemed to enjoy being outside, and walked around in the yard for awhile before we went back inside.
    • 7:15pm - I gave Cricket some more tea, and I mixed her antibiotic in 1/3 of a can of dog food, which she ate without difficulty.  She also drank some water.  Still no vomiting.  This tea stuff is good.  I can't wait until tomorrow when the Parvaid arrives.
    • 10:45pm - We gave Cricket more of the tea remedy, and she ate a all of the canned dog food that I offered her, which was just a little.  She seems to be feeling better, but she still has a long way to go before she's well.  She's rolling over with her belly up begging for a belly rub, which we gladly give her.

Posted at 10:23 pm by kathyinbama
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